Saturday, March 5, 2011

So I keep lying and saying that I'm gonna be more faithful and update this more often. Yes, it's a lie. I honestly don't usually have time to do anything with this, and sometimes I can't even get internet. I've probably said it before, but I'm not going to say that I am going to be faithful with updating this blog or my LiveJournal. That's my disclaimer.

Anyway. Updates.
Whoville: Is doing just fine, last I knew. Which was a few days ago 'cause I've been sick the last couple days and I haven't been to school. School's harder this year but I don't know why. I keep getting bad grades... it's not that I don't try, because I do try, I just don't really care enough to make it better. That's really lame, I know. This is turning into a school related section, so I'm gonna get back to Whoville now. We have a new member on the council: he was the grocer before. But there's a new chain of supermarkets that are supposed to be fast and fun and I don't like them very much. They're friendly, but more than most Whos and it seems kinda weird, like something's off. But that's just me.

School: I think I already said enough about school. I don't like it very much and believe me, it's mutual.

Family: Are normal as we can be. Dad seems kind of stressed about the Supermarket thing, and he says that the new councilman is a blathering boob (I don't know why he says it, so don't ask). He doesn't like the guy, never has. Mom's great. Sisters are probably good too. Max is getting older very very quickly.

The O: I have done a lot to it, like polished some of the rusty parts and now it looks clean which is really weird and different. Getting used to it, though.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nostalgia. I remember starting this blog forever and a day ago. I still cant post but Ill do my best now schools in. I swear, I will try. It's good to be back.
Here I am!

Friday, July 2, 2010

i know...

Yes, I realized I haven't posted in almost two months and now I'm hoping to come back. I mean, I didn't die, I've seen some blogs where people didn't post in like two months and THEY didn't die... so here I am once again. Let me start by saying this- my computer is not letting me onto certain sites that have an https at the beginning, and unfortunately, this is one of those. So I will be typing on my touchscreen who-phone, and its a nuisance. So please pardon my spelling errors...
Anyway, life is normal, you know, settled. It hadn't been quite like this since over a year ago, before Horton and such. It's nice, I guess. Schools out, obviously, and this Summer is gonna be an interesting one. I like school, though. Maxted is very well, I forget how old he is now l, five months? He should be walking soon. all my sisters are doing well too, Dads busy but in a good way, Mom is doing fine. I'm well too, everythings good. Only thing is, dad was a little disappointed not to hear from Horton. That was a little odd, but he's fine. We're all fine, just fine.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm sorry, I havn't postd in a while, but now I just gonna be the laziest who in Whoville and copy if off of my LiveJournal. I know...
So today (umm... that'd be yesterday) was interesting to say the least. At the time I was least expecting it- rightafter school, that would be, Dad came flying in the door and I was in the way so he tripped on me. Yeah, ouch. He jumped right off of me and helped me up saying"JoJo, sorry, where's..." and he kept right on going. Where WHAT was I did't know until he came back with Mom and going fast. Mom had Maxted and when she saw me she said "JoJo, take Max, Daddy and I have to go but we'll be right back" and she handed me the baby before I could say a word. I looked at Max's face and he looked just about as shocked as I must have looked. And I still can't believe myself but I started baby-talking him... as in "Oh Maxy-Paxy, mommy and daddy went byebye, where did mommy go?" Yeah... so standing there talking to a baby wasn't gonna get me anywhere so I looked for a sister to give Maxted to while I went to find out where Mom and Dad went, but the only ones I could find were around five years old. "Hooly, take Max." I said and she said "Oh, no, mommy doesn't want me to hold him. I'm too small." Which now is kinda funny, considering I'm only abot five inches taller then her, but anyway then I said "Well watch him.' and I set him on the floor and she said "No!" and Maxted cooed "JoJo!" and I still dunno why I said it but I said exaspiratedly "Maxted!" and didn't know what to do but stand there and watch Max. "Hooly, come ON!" "No!" but by then, Momm and dad were back inside. "Thank you JoJo." Mom took Max again and I said "What was that?". "Nothing to concern yourself about." She replied. I got mostly the same answer from Dad, who said then that he had to go right back to the office.

I don't know what's going on, but I hope to find out. And soon. And yes, I mean, no, I havn't figured it out even. that all happened yesterday, but nothing new has happened today. Even Jesse hasn't showed in a few days... i can't remember the last time I saw him.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

In my room

And the Mayor of Whosboro is at my house RIGHT NOW. It is weird having him here, like he's this person who's been trying his best to ruin all our lives, but he's here apologising in full to Dad and Mom. When he came in, Dad was right with him and I was sitting on the stairs waiting for them to get there. Everybody in town who knew was kinda expecting him so I wasn't the only one waiting, just all of my sisters gave it up after a while I had been ATTEMPTING to write a piece of music that was going really badly when they came in. "K.C., this is my son JoJo." dad introduced me. I jumped off the steps. "Hello." He said. I didn't like the way he was looking down at me like I was really really REALLY small so I just nodded and Dad continued. "If you wanna look around in here, be my guest. These are all of the McDodds since the beginning of Whoville." He turned and motioned to all the portraits on the walls in the hall. umm... you probably havn't been in there, so i guess I can explain it a little. It's got all these pictures on the walls, like Dad said, all the McDodds that ever lived... or at least, all the mayors of Whoville. Dad wants his picture up there. That's one of his ambitions... maybe the only one, I dunno. but anyway, the MaGee guy was impressed. He walked up and down it for a while, Dad let him go by himself once then went with him and told him everybody's names and stuff. I kept watching them until they came back to the door side. "And here's the next great mayor of Whoville." He ruffled my hair and I grinned a little. "Not really." I said. "Yes really. Uhhh..." Dad thought for a few moments, I think he was wondering on whether or not to tell him all I did and stuff. Guess he didn't tell him earlier. I'm glad. Especially In front of the guy who was... ya know, who I did it against. So Dad didn't say anything. Except about the Symphoniphone, which is usually a bit of a secret but it's not like he lives here and is gonna go play with it or anything. He... the other mayor, looked at me again. He seemed a little indecisive as to what to do at first, then he kneeled down so we were almost at eye level with each other. I don't particularly like it when people do that, I'd rather... but I didn't ever tell anybody that so I guess I can't blame them.

"Well, JoJo McDodd, I'm sorry for attempting to run your future. I'm sorry, that sounded light, but I promise, I don't take it lightly. Will you forgive me?" "yeah." I said and tried to think of something else to add but couldn't really come up with anything. He shook hands with me then stood back up. "Well, Ned. Shall we go see your wife and... how many daughters?" "96 daughters and 2 sons." dad said with pride. "Hmmm... quite a few then." Dad nodded, beaming. Okay, my cue to leave.

So now I'm in my room and he's still here. I dunno if Dad invited him to stay to dinner or not. I think he's already seen the counsel... now I kinda feel bad for him, if he had to deal with those guys. And Dr LaRue and the dean and Dr Wocket too.

Speaking of Dr Wocket, I saw him yesterday, I just forgot to mention it.

"I never fully congratulated you on a job well done, did I, JoJo? Well all I can say is, well done. I Don't know what else to say." "it's okay." I Said. A job well done is fine by me.

Friday, April 16, 2010

The views of JoJo McDodd on...



I wouldn't really mind dropping out of school right about now. Cause we had this exam, right? Just HAPPENED to be one I didn't study for. And it was the only thing I didn't study but it wasn't like anyone believed me about THAT. So after that there was this lecture and I was still sulking over getting a D on the exam and wondering how I'd explain THAT, when the lecture guy (some Who-U grad who was wondering if he liked teaching or something) asked a question, and when nobody answered he asked me in specific and I had no idea and I ccan't believe this, but that's what I said aloud "I have no idea" and he laughed so everbody laughed and it was just a little... I mean, it's not fair, I never laugh at other kids when they get embarrassed but everybody still laughs at me... then after that on the way home I saw that guy Jesse again. Well, I couldv'e been brave and left my sisters and seen what he wanted, but I was a coward and kept going, trying to convince myself I was keeping Hallie and Hester safe. It didn't really work. And I also found out that typing JOJQ looks cool. Sorry yeah I sometimes just type around until I remember what I wanted to say and even now after typing that I can't remember... oh yeah... great now I wish I HADN'T remembered. Class omething or other is coming up and guess who's hosting it. Zattics. Blah blah blah. I do NOT want to go and I told Mom that the moment after I came in the door. And guess what she said? "you need to get out more and get to know people" and I was thinking "No I'm fine alone" but I decided not to argue the point... with Mom. But when Dad gets home... I don't think he'll care whether or not I go. he doesn't do stuff like that most of the time.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

So this is the story.
Got home two nights ago and stayed in the O all night. I didn't wanna go right home, I mean, even though I didn't do anything wrong still... you know what I mean... anyway, yesterday morning I waited until I was sure the kids would all be in school then I went over to town Hall. Dr Wocket was waiting for me there, I was a little... hesitant at first. I mean, Dad might think I had done something wrong or something, he might not want to see me until the story was all told, he might... but it ended up that by the time I got to the outer office, he was already in Dad's office and the dorr was shut. Miss Yelp probably didn't worry too much about me so I went over to the dorr, started turning the handle and remembered last time this had happened... I mean, last coming home. This wasn't nearly as bad... what I had done wasn't so bad, I only tried to help this time, I was just scared Dad wouldn't see it like that right away. But when I eventually did open the dorr, he just looked up and blinked a few times like he didn't know exactly what to say.
"Hi Dad."
"JoJo. Come on in."
WHAT??? HE wasn't supposed to SAY that, he was supposed to... I dunno, something else. So I went over to the couch and sulked for some reason. Until Dad called me to tell him the whole story, I did, he looked at me and hugged me like he wasn NEVER letting go.
And then today... it wasjust... he came up to meand told me what's going on then looked me right in the eyes and said
"JoJo, I'm so proud of you."
It was all I need.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Okay. I'm on the way home. Everything should be right after this. It's both... I mean, its Not totally MaGees fault all of This is happening. It's OURS too, I mean ours as in my family, the McDodds. This will be hard for dad. He really really is proud of being a McDodd.
It hit me a different way though. Because... I'm not the only one anymore... its not like with Max and my personal family, its like... I'm not the only one who's not perfect. Perfectly... I mean perfectly content. I dunno why I think this, it would be nice to say something like his picture had always made me stop and look at it, but it didn't. Skyler McDodd is his name. The eyes in his picture always made me kinda think he hated everything... ummm... yeah dad thinks he looks a whole lot like me. I don't know anything about him. But i think I would have... what's the word... empathized with him. I dunno...
So I'm on the way home, when I get there I'm gonna tell dad everything.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sorry I havn't posted in a while. Well this is gonna be tough- what I'm about to do. I have to do it, nobody else can. I have to go to Whosboro. And I know what It'll look like in the morning- I rann off again. And I'll look like the worst son in the whole world. But when I get back, maybe... just maybe, everything will be good again. I sure hope so... after all this, it's tking so long... I might be in VERY big trouble after this, with my parents, with Whoville... with the gang... I don't know what they'll do to me if this works... hopefully nothing, they'll be in jail or something, but there's always just... oh well, it's too late. So I'm going tonight, I really really really hope to be back by tomorrow night. Maybe nobody'll notice my abscence... yeah right. I've never been gone a whole night before... well besides... you know, but I mean, I was always there in hte morning. And from after this It'll STAY that way. And maybe... maybe Dad'll... aw never mind. Just, I'm not doing this... for nothing. I mean, I just... just want... I want Dad to accept me for what I am. And I want him ot be proud of who I am. That's all I want.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Today wasn't that great, I think I said maybe three words. All day. I'm afraid I might say something wrong... and its easier this way. But I worked some on that rakey thingy- I still need a name for it. It had some technical things at first- one thing the only metal that was shaped right that I could find was all rusty. I am not sure if it'll have the same quality sound as the unrusty smaller version. And now, dad wants me to pay for it. So now I am doing all the raking with one of our GOOD rakes. Blah. But I still say its worth it. I inspected kinda in the observatory for someplace to PUT it when its done. There's not really that much stuff in there, I can remember making everything up there. I'm really glad to be over that block. Like a two month stall and I got lonely. But its back, and boy am I glad.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

i didnt die!

Sorry for not posting. Well I think this is going well. I have a good idea about who might be behind all this. But its kinda crazy so I don't want to say it right now. I am gonna go reasearch it now, at the library.
Maxted is a cool little guy. He said Jojo the other day, just out of nowhere while I was watching him, he just looked at me and pointed and said "JoJo!" I was surprised and said something like "what was that?" And he didn't answer. It's hard to get used to him though. He's nice and stuff, but he's another boy. I don't know, I just feel... jealous or something.
Oh, and I'm working on a new instrument. It's kind of like a really big metal rake, and the prongish teethy thingys get snapped back and forth. I know it will work cause I took a normal sized rake and cut the teeth on it until each one played a different note. Well Dad wasn't too happy when he found out I ruined one of our rakes today. It's not RUINED exactly, it just... doesn't rake anymore. Oh well. Poor rake. It's for a good cause though.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sp lemme catch up- my parents went away for the weekend, and I had to always be watching my siblings... well Dr LaRue came over and distracted them for a little while so I got a break. And then on Saturday night I snuck out to meet Ket at the gang's HQ and I gave it to him and he just said "Good work kid" and I didn't ask what it was for. And then by the time mom and dad got home Sunday night I was so sick of "I'm hungry!" "JoJo, she broke my doll" "JoJo, fix my hair" "JoJo, when is Mom getting home? Cause you stink at this business." And I KNEW that, but she didn't have to rub it in so I made her do whatever it was she needed me for by herself... anyway I was so tired of it I was just about ready to give up and die or something before they got home. But I survived. But just BARELY... surrounded by girls and I couldn't even escape to my room... (shudder).

So I am gonna actually come out and ask Jane O'Google about Ket. Awkward, I know. And I have to do it where nobody else is too... alone. And I don't think the dean would trust me with his daughter any farther then he could throw me but I have to do it or I won't find anything else out anytime soon. And I really really hope that she's not incredibly loyal or something like that... or she might rat on me and I'd get myself kicked out or beat up or killed or something bad like that.
And I can't ask Dr Wocket cause he's away in Whosboro. I really think he should know this but I don't know how to contact him. Maybe I'll ask Dr LaRue for his number tomorrow or something.

Friday, March 12, 2010

You know, they didn't want me today, said they need me tomorrow night and not today, well it might be a good thing because Hallie was folowing me around and she might have followed me THERE... and that would have been BAD, very bad. There was just a note on my locker and it said "Tomorrow night, Pup" I hoped nobody had seen it, but one of the older guys did and said "Who you going out with, McDodd? How sweet, shorty's got himself a puppy crush." "I do NOT..." "Where'd the girl come from, Tinyville?" THAT made me mad and I lost it and jumped on the offender and we got into a pretty good fight even though I do weigh only about 30 pounds and he must've been about 150 but somebody picked me off of him and I turned on them but they cought both of my arms and I saw who it was... Destin. I let my hands fall and he said "Okay who started it?" "He did!" The other guy said and I said "No HE did he said..." "Who REALLY started it?" He looked really mad... I wondered why he was here for a second, but then he IS a high-schooler, but I never saw him around... but the other guy was still blaming me, and I thought it would be bad for me but all the other guys were saying it was his fault... why were they so scared of Destin? Well he grabbed the other guy by the fur on his chest and said "Next time pick on somebody your own size." And dropped him. And left. Whoa that was weird. And my nose was bleeding. I went to wash the blood off and Jonas Zattic came up to me and said "If you so much as tough my sister, runt, you will be dead meat." WHAT IS IT WITH PEOPLE THINKING I LIKE MAYZIE??? And then on the way home from school Hallie was walking really close to me and I kept backing away and she'd just get closer like I wouldn't NOTICE... then I saw Destin standing over by a building, I waved to him a little, he signed "Go away" I kept walking, Hallie asked "Who's that?" Whoa I wasn't expecting her to care. I shrugged "JoJo, we both know you are just not that friendly." "Well maybe I'm working on my social skills." And she kept talking at me but I didn't answer her.
Oh yeah, Mom and Dad are leaving for the weekend in the morning and they decided NOT to hire a babysitter... which left me. So I will not be able to get on the computer for a while probably... if I was them I wouldn't leave me in charge but they did. So I will be at home and if Dr LaRue is reading this maybe she could come and help? I know you don't know anything about kids but I don't understand about girls and YOU do... just a thought.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

What stereotype do you belong to?
Your Result: Emo

writes poetry, cries a lot, single, wears a lot of black, dyed hair black, wears hair in front of their face, would rather be alone than with people, has a myspace to meet other emo people

No stereotype
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I don't know why I did this quiz, but it got a lot of things messed up. For one, I don't cry A LOT, just a little, two I HATE poetry... well unless it's in songs, three I don't DYE my hair it's just black by itself, four I don't WEAR black, I just AM black (And grey), five... well never mind I would rather be alone, six I don't have a "MySpace" or even a WhoSpace because it seems like girls are always talking about them and how they met this guy and blah blah blah and I don't in particular want to be the guy they met...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Well, I had no other person to go to, and it actually went well... at least better than I expected it to. I walked down our street after scool and passed our house where some of the girls were playing outside. "JoJo, where ya goin'?" "This way." I said bluntly. "I bet you're going to Mayzie's house! Aren't you!" Well, yeah, I was. I knew she knows everything about everyone at school and she'd know if Jane was friends with Ket. But I wasn't about to tell the girls that. "None of your business." and they didn't say anything else but I think if girls had brains they would be thinking up some mischief. (Hehe... sorry.)
Anyway, when I got there I was really wanting to turn away, but somebody saw me out the window and opened it up- a little sister of her's. "You here to see Mayzie?" "Uhhh, yeah, kind of..." And she went away from the window yelling. Now it was kinda too late to turn back. Mayzie opened the door while brushing her hair frantically. "Hi! Come in?" I went inside and the door shut to the world outside sealing me in to my fate. "I look a mess." She said. And the quazi-polite response came out but it was all wrong for this moment "No you don't." "Really? Thanks. Come on and sit down, Mom's baking cookies." Not that I wanted any, but I followed her into the kitchen. "Oh, hello Mr. McDodd, Mayzie has talked..." Mayzie hushed her mother frantically. Now looking back it was funny, but then I didn't feel like laughing exactly. Mrs. Zattic nodded understandingly, then said "How's your mother?" Now why is it that every time I talk to an older lady the first thing they ask is how Mom's doing? I will NEVER understand that. "She's good." "And your father?" "He's... okay." "And you?" "Good..." So far this was getting nowhere except I kept lying to her. "Have a cookie. Or three, you could use them." Mayzie buried her face in her hands, I was just glad Mrs. Zattic was in there so I didn't have to be alone with Mayzie, even if she did keep saying weird stuff. "Uhhhh... no thanks." "We're good Mom." Mayzie looked at her mom like "Get out of here" and I looked at her mom like "No please stay!" But she saw Mayzie and not me and she went out.
"Well then. So what's going on?" I was about to say something like "I have a question" or "Can I ask you something" but that would give her the wrong idea. "Ummmm... I was just wondering if you knew Jane- the dean at the U's daughter." And her face kind of fell and I realized I STILL managed to give her the wrong idea. "Just because... well it's not like I care or anything, but does she like somebody or something?" AND I was STILL giving her the wrong idea, she said gloomily "I don't know." "You don't?" "No..." and she lit up "YES! Well, maybe, I don't know, but she keeps meeting this guy outside of school and he walks her home or something. She said his name before when somebody asked who it was... his name was... oh I can't rememeber right now, started with a c or a k. She also said he was..." "Was it Ket?" I interrupted. "Yeah I think it was now that you say it!" I still couldn't see Ket with a girlfriend, so I asked "Is he kinda big?" "Yeah. Bigger than... why do you want to know?" and now she was looking at my eyes and now I felt like I couldn't make something up so I looked down... kind of embarrassedly, and said "Just wondering." And I think it gave her some sort of wrong idea because after that she started going on about Jane's weaknesses and failures and junk like that and I tried to listen but I really couldn't pay attention to it. So after about 10 minutes I said "Well I have homework." "Oh, I know, we could work on it together! I'm good at science and stuff!" Science? Well it wouldn't hurt to ask her a question or two that I missed on the test (That I got an F on) so I did real quick and she kept going on about them and how it's her favorite subject and blah blah blah... so after about 5 more minutes I said "I really do have to go now." "Oh, okay. Well I'll see you tomorrow then!" And I went outside where I could breathe again. And then I had all the sisters to deal with and I let it slip where I'd been and then I had to deal with "JoJo and Mayzie sitting in a tree..." and stuff like that and no amount of protesting on my part could get their minds off that subject line. So I locked myself in my room where I am now. And I think Dad is home and I will go give him the note the nurse gave me now.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Well... I did it again, flipped out. And this time it wasn't to impress anyone, I don't know exactly why I did it but I did.
Wait, I'll go to this morning first. when I woke up, my left eye was half opened but everything was blurry. Adn I can barely see out of it. Mom said she could take me to the eye doctor if it's not better when it's opened all the way. But school was bad.
We start our day at school with the Whoville pledge. And... well, when I said it it came out like "We have all that we need, we need all that we've *squeak*" and I was mortified. Because that's not normal for me. And everybody else knows that too... I'm afraid there might even be jealousy over it. It's weird, actually... but then afterwards somebody was being louder then they meant to be (I hope... for their sake) and said "What do you know, he even squeaks like a mouse!" I turned on them but it was a crowd. And I ignored it as much as I could but I kinda knew the kids would all be calling me mouse for a while. I didn't think that the teachers would do it too. So when my math teacher called me that I just flipped.
"Stop calling me that EVERYBODY! Just QUIT IT I am NOT a mouse!"
And that just made a few of the students say it again, I almost jumped out of my desk and jumped on them, but the teacher said "JoJo, don't do it."
And that was maddening, I was gonna get revenge for an insult but he reprimanded ME and not the offender. I have been told before not to shout in class, and I didn't, but it was pretty loud.
"As if I was the one at fault but I'm not! It's everbody ELSE who's wrong! Don't you DARE call me that again!"
I dared the teacher? What was wrong with me?
It wasn't enough to go to the principal, but it was bad.
They said Kat wants me tonight. I don't know what he's got in store. I don't care. Dad's not home yet. I don't know what HE'S got in store for me. Probably nothing good.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Almost caught

Well I'm not internet grounded anymore, but I don't have much to say that I didn't already say in my LJ. Except I'm still scared. I had a dream last night that I was somebody else and I was walking down a street and I saw MYSELF lying by the side of the road really beaten up and I woke up in a cold sweat, I still don't know if I was dead or alive but I don't want to have it again and find out.
So Dr Wocket caught me. At town hall. In dad's office. I was actually doing it- going through his stuff. I heard somebody knock on the door. "Yipe!" I jumped off his chair and dove behind the desk. Not a very smart idea, if you ask me, cause if it had been Dad...
"JoJo, what are you doing behind my desk?" "Uhhh... nothing. Just... hiding... from... you... in your office where I didn't need to be in the first place..."
But it wasn't Dad, it was the Doctor. "Mr. Mayor? Anyone here? Did someone say yipe?" I stood up and hit my head on the desk. Ouch. That will leave a bump. "Oh it's you." I said. "JoJo? I'm glad to find you here. What... well, never mind. I have a plan. My plan is for you to actually write notes to me. Yes, this could be more dangerous, but it could also be safer. You will write letters addressed to an uncle. And sign them with a different name and mail them to me with the who-post box on first street." "What if somebody finds one and regognizes my handwriting?" Now for the first time I regret my one-of-a-kind handwriting. Yes, it's very distinctive. And if somebody who knew it saw it that's it for me. "Hmmm... that could be a problem. My only other theoretically possible option requires an in-between. Hmmm... I suppose we may yet have to involve Dr. LaRue. I do not wish to do this, though. I will speak with her again and I will catch you again. Wait... I have it! JoJo!" I was feeling the bump on my head... maybe Mom wouldn't see it if I keep my hair over my forhead all the time... "What?" "Your observatory! It's the perfect spot! Noone notices you going there, and if someone DID notice me I could make up an excuse for beig there easily! It's perfect, nobody but you ever goes there!" He was very eager, but I still mostly like it to be secret. "Well... I guess so." I siad reluctantly. "Let's see.. how do you get up there?" I described how I do it in as little detail as I could manage. And really, it was kinda hard, it's so natural for me I just do it without thinking. "I'll... do something so you know I'm up there. Like a note or something. It wouldn't be too weird, I guess." "Yes, it's settled then! Thank you very much, young man. I have always wanted to see this invention of yours." He was really eager. "Yeah sure." He said then "I came to see your father, do you know where he is?" "Uhhh... no I don't. I just came over here to... look through his stuff. Miss Yelp wasn't here either." "She's here now." "Oh drat. Do you think she'll notice that I just came out of Dad's office from nowhere?" He laughed. "Maybe." then I took one last look at the desk and saw it. "Yes!" I didn't see it all along, but this was a whoprint of the gym, with some things crossed out and others written in black that aren't there now. It was signed, too. "Hmmm..." he looked at it, then back to me. "This is what they want?" "Yeah. Look, you didn't just see me take it. Oh wait... this might be bad on you... I will..." I grabbed a pen and started copying it onto another sheet of paper, and I had it mostly done when I heard the rush of air that meant somebody was coming. They copy wasn't done, but I stuck it in my pocket anyway. I heard Dad ask Miss Yelp if anyone was here to see him, "A Doctor Wocket" she replied. "He's been in there a while for being alone." I looked at him with an expression that tried to convey that Uh-oh this might be bad for him. He nodded. Then my mind flew fast to a reason why I might be there... aha! I had it, then Dad came in. "Hello Doctor... JoJo? What are you doing here, and why are you standing on my desk?" "I came to get my WCD. I left it here last time." Yes, at least I did leave it last time. "Oh, okay. I may have put it in my desk." I jumped off and dug through the drawer while Dad greeted Dr Wocket. "I'm so sorry to hear about the break-in, and believe me, we're doing the best we can to find out who did it..." Got it. "I got it, Dad. See you at home." "Let me see your eye." I rolled my eyes. "Okay then, see you at home bud."
And I gave Miss Yelp a fright when I came out of the office- she didn't see me go in so it was like I just materialized out of nowhere. I was tempted to play it up and get back at her for those WhoSpace videos, but I didn't. "My word, sweetie, don't DO that again!" "Sorry Miss Yelp." I smirked.
But phew, that was close. Hope Dr Wocket doesn't get in big trouble for that. And I don't even like this WCD anymore. I listened to it and now I wish I'd left it at his office!
Oh, and Mom did notice the bump on my head. "What happened there?" She said. "I hit it on Dad's desk." She shook her head and sighed. "That desk is out to get all theMcDodds." She smiled. "It's already going after you!" I just shrugged.

Friday, February 26, 2010


I read Riverdance's entire "The Wizard of Who!" and it was kinda funny... I'd be hearing a lot more than "Shut up JoJo" if I really did make those remarks.
Anyway, everything's... good. I heard in school that there was gonna be a "postponement of the opening of the new branch of Who-Foods" because "The mayor seems to have misplaced the only copy of the budget he had" he spilled coffee on the others accidentally and they were unintelligible. I feel really bad about it, but he just took and and said "Good work, Pup. Now we need something more... important? Like what the counsel is planning to do for the gymnasium. I know they didn't fix it yet. Foolishly enough, they think they're gonna get evidence- Stem is usually too careful for that." And he shook his head as if thinking. There were now about 10 guys there, it was still too dark for anybody to see who each other were. I said "Why is it so dark in here?" there were a few laughs. "You don't know anything, do you?" I was offended. "Neither do you." I said. "Turn it off, kid." He snapped. "You don't really want trouble with these guys, do you?" No, I didn't, but I didn't want him to think he was scaring me... even if he was. "Think I'm scared?" "You should be." He waved it off. You get those plans, hear? I'll give you... five days. You got it by then and..." He trailed off. "Go on now. I'm gonna try to... never mind get home and... just scram. Tomorrow, Pup." I went back and I WAS mad. He just brushed me off like he'd use me and drop me. Oh, no, I'm not gonna let them do that.
And I'm infamous, especially since Mrs. Whoovier is going around with a bandaged arm and is busy telling everyone about how I viciously attacked and bit her. In fact I heard somebody saying "Did you hear? JoJo McDodd got bit by a rabid dog and he wanted the whole school to get it too so when he dies all the teachers will too." That was at school in the hall. I think they knew I was listening. It was a couple of girls... I couldn't help myself, really I couldn't. "Grrrrr." I growled at them and bared my teeth and they screamed. I rolled my eyes. Girls. I brushed it off just like that, but on the way home from school, Hester passed me. I was surprized, she's usually staying with her friends. "JoJo I'm telling Dad!" She ran off "Telling him what?" I called. She didn't answer. But when I got home Mom was standing at the door and looking stern. "Your dad is home. He wants to see you in his office. NOW." I dropped my backpack and went over there. "JoJo, son, what has gotten into you?" "What do you mean?" I really had no idea. "I have told you and told you to be a gentleman to ladies. Haven't I?" "Ummm... yeah..." "And you... growled at somebody? That's very immature." And I knew what he was talking about. "Awww, Dad, they were making fun of me." "JoJo, you can't keep doing this stuff and expect not to be punished." I was feeling bad about stealing his paper, so I decided to accept whatever punishment he doles out. Except the one he did... "No computer for the weekend." "DAD!" "No arguing, young man. I'm sorry, you need to learn to behave yourself." "But... but..." I was not prepared for this. "No butting me this time, JoJo. I'm sorry, this kind of behavior has no excuse." I sighed. "Can I have five minutes?" "You got until tomorrow."
I went out and after jumping on Hester I came in here to write this, so I'll see you all later.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wow, this is actually the first time I put the whole story in my LJ and mot here... see it over there. If you want the who... never mind I won't tell you. Too painful.
Dad is gonna be mad if he finds out who took his paper. It looked important.